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19th Jun 2018

PIC: The New Dublin Bus Ad Is A Bit Bould



Ah, lads.

Ads on the side of the bus are loud, dramatic and are meant to make a big impact.

Dublin City Council’s new ad about recycling is all that and more. Calling on people to reuse more, the ad reads, “200 million disposable cups are thrown away each year.” “DON’T BE DICK.”

The ad also has a massive graphic of a coffee cup with the word “Dick” scrawled on it like the coffee cups from Starbucks.

Thanks to Reddit user, ‘MoonOnTheirWings’ for posting this one.

Coffee chains like Frank & Honest and Insomnia, have already made the move towards compostable coffee cups this year.

Fair play to the person who pitched this ad in Dublin City Council.

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