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03rd Aug 2020

People have been rewatching The Commitments in honour of Alan Parker

Sarah Finnan

The Commitments

People have been rewatching The Commitments in honour of director Alan Parker who passed away over the weekend.

British director Alan Parker passed away over the weekend. Aged 76, he was a well-known name in the film world – beloved amongst Irish audiences for his work on films such as Angela’s Ashes and The Commitments.

Based on the 1987 Roddy Doyle novel of the same name, the movie has come to be a firm favourite with fans all around the world… many of whom have been rewatching the Irish classic in honour of Parker. A musical comedy-drama set in Dublin, it tells the story of Jimmy Rabbitte; a young music fanatic who gathers a group together to form a soul band.

Hailing the movie’s release as a defining moment in Irish history, people have been sharing their love for both the movie and Parker on Twitter.

Even The Big Boyler, Chris O’Dowd has revisited the old classic. Tweeting to say that he’s “always loved it”, O’Dowd went on to add:

“God it’s so good. The shoot composition, the energy, the message. Very few films so bursting with life. What a joy. Thanks Alan.”

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