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31st Dec 2019

PICS: These Gardaí took a quick break to play a game of 3-a-side with locals

Sarah Finnan

Sure, isn’t there always time for a kickabout?

Gardaí from Kilmainham took a mid-morning break earlier today for a quick match.

Taking on some of the locals, they played 3-a-side against Rialto natives, eventually coming out on top with a narrow 3-2 win.

Close call lads.

Tweeting the picture, Garda Info captioned it:

“Gardaí from Kilmainham while out on the beat took on a few locals from Rialto in a 3 a side game of football coming out 3-2 winners!

Congratulations to Garda Brennan, Garda White and Garda O’Connor”.

People have praised the impromptu kickabout for its community spirit, with one person saying:

“more of this, they do a hard thankless job, nice to see the human side”.


Ending the original tweet with “#whosnext”, it seems that the Gardaí have already extended the next 3-a-side challenge.

Challenge accepted? Anyone?

(Header image: Garda Info on Twitter)

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