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23rd Nov 2020

PlayStation have launched their Black Friday deals

Rory Cashin

There are already some PS5 marked down in the sale.

PlayStation have launched their Black Friday sale, with some games marked down a massive 80%.

Some of those included in the sale are some of the very best games of the year (a number of them are nominated at the Game of the Year awards), so if there are any great games you feel you’ve missed out on this year, now is your chance to catch up on them!

PlayStation are also offering 25% off the price of the 12-month subscription for PS Plus, marked down from €59.99 for the year to €44.99, which will give you at least two free games each month to download, and free access to play your games online.

Meanwhile, we’ve had a look through the vast Black Friday deals, and these are the ones that jumped out at us the most.

Marvel’s Avengers: €69.99 down to €34.99

Doom Eternal: €69.99 down to €23.09

Final Fantasy VII Remake: €69.99 down to €46.19

Ghost of Tsushima: €69.99 down to €49.69

The Last of Us Part II: €69.99 down to €39.89

Watch Dogs Legion (PS4 and PS5): €69.99 down to €45.49

FIFA 21 Beckham Edition (PS4 and PS5): €69.99 down to €38.49

Resident Evil 3: €59.99 down to €19.79

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: €69.99 down to €30.09

The full list of Black Friday offers can be found right here.

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