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27th Mar 2020

There’s a new radio station on the airwaves to keep us entertained

Sarah Finnan

new radio station Quarantine FM

Quarantine FM will give you a reason to stay in.

Working from home and spending more time indoors means that many of us are listening to the radio more than we usually would – it’s not just restricted to our morning commute anymore. We still have all the usual stations of course, but with a changing routine comes the chance to switch up your listening as well so why not give Quarantine FM a go?

Set up by Kate McKewon and Anna-Rose Charleton, the idea came about after the duo had all their work cancelled as a result of the ongoing pandemic.  Saying that they were fed up of wasting hours lying in bed listening to update after update about the impending end of the world, the twosome thought up a way to make staying inside more bearable.

Adding that now is the time to focus on the positives, the co-creators are hoping that the new station helps people to remember what it feels like to be part of a community.

Featuring some of the country’s finest, Quarantine FM promises listeners the best of music, comedy, news and mindfulness as well as plenty of craic. Listeners can also have their say as the ‘quaran-team’ are on the hunt for feelgood stories.

“We know life is tough right now, and we want to hear from you. Quarantine FM is for the many, and each of us is impacted in a different way.

From the safety of your own home, Quarantine FM provides a platform for people from across the world to share their experiences. Have a talent? Story? Adorable doggo?  We at QFM want to hear from you.”

Streaming from  9am to 9pm daily, you can listen live here.

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