Perhaps the most controversial movie of 2020 is available to watch in Ireland this week

By Rory Cashin

November 11, 2020 at 9:30am


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Soon-to-be former President Trump said it was "made to cause chaos". But it is actually a very entertaining hidden gem.

You really should never judge a book by its cover, and in the same train of thought, you should never judge a movie by its trailer.

This, however, wasn't a lesson that soon-to-be former President Donald Trump (I will never get tired of using the word "former" in his description) learned, especially when it came to The Hunt.

Trump took to Twitter to blast the movie (without actually naming it, but everyone knew which movie he was talking about), sight-unseen, after the first trailer arrived:


The movie was initially due for release in September 2019, but after all of the controversy surrounding it, it was pulled from release schedules, despite having some great talent involved, including executive producer Jason Blum (Get Out, Whiplash), and writer Damon Lindelof (Watchmen, The Leftovers).

This was the first trailer that stirred up all of the trouble, and if you watch this and feel you're being "seen", then really, the problem doesn't lie with the movie...

Eventually, common sense prevailed, and the movie was released in Ireland in March this year, juuuuuuust as the pandemic arrived and the cinemas were promptly shut for the majority of the rest of the year.

So while the movie had a relatively teeny budget of just $14 million, it made only $15 million at the worldwide box office, and simply didn't get the audience it deserved, but now is your chance to rectify that, as The Hunt will be available to stream from the comfort of your in Ireland this week.


The movie tells the story of a group of 12 complete strangers, who all wake up in a clearing with no idea how they got there. It seems peaceful enough until they spot some well-to-do folk heading their way, all armed with guns. The Hunt has begun, and they are the prey. We won't give too much more information than that, because the movie goes in some very surprising directions that we didn't expect, but just trust us... this is very entertaining.

The Hunt is available to watch via NOW TV from Saturday, November 14. Check out the longer, more-detailed trailer for the movie right here, although we recommend you skip over it and go in with as little information as possible:

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