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30th Aug 2021

This tattoo studio has created Danny Devito inspired ink to celebrate It’s Always Sunny filming in Dublin

Fiona Frawley

There was a lot of excitement last week when we found out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be filming an episode right here in Dublin’s fair city.

So much excitement, some of us may have felt inspired to have the moment captured forever on our bodies in ink.

If you’d like to mark this special moment in Ireland’s history, look no further than Moko Me Tattoo Studio in Temple Bar who’ve created some iconic Frank inspired tats.

They should have just used this tattoo when they were looking for a DeVito stunt double over the weekend, because honestly the likeness is uncanny. In fairness, if you were to get a tattoo of any member of the It’s Always Sunny cast, it’d have to be Frank. A portrait of Dee or Charlie wouldn’t have nearly the same impact. Some of the designs have already been snapped up, like this one of Frank wrestling for the troops in his stunning one shoulder number (very on trend), but there are a few still available, even one featuring the iconic rum ham from the Jersey Shore ep!

Head over to the Moko Me insta now to find out more about commemorating Frank’s long-awaited pilgrimage to the motherland. The gang would be so proud.

Header image via Instagram/mokomedublin

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