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02nd Sep 2019

U.S. Comedian Josh Pray Certainly Made The Most Of His All-Ireland Final Experience

James Fenton

Throughout the summer, while GAA fans were engrossed in the All-Ireland football and hurling championships, a new set of eyes was experiencing all of the drama for the first time.

U.S. YouTuber and comedian Josh Pray has been entertaining and in some cases, it has to be said, annoying supporters with his baffled reactions to this year’s matches and after gaining plenty of traction online, he was invited to attend yesterday’s pulsating football final between Dublin and Kerry.

While here, Josh hasn’t limited his activities to Croke Park, and he even got to learn how to pull a pint of Guinness…

He also came across a bonafide Irish legend in Marty Morrissey…

And today he gave an update on what he really felt about yesterday’s game. Spoiler alert, he was fairly impressed….

After that, he stopped for another animated monologue in nearby Drumcondra…

Talk about packing a lot in. With the replay to yesterday’s game taking place in two weeks time, Josh is surely already making plans.

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