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12th Jan 2021

WATCH: First look at new Indiana Jones game from the makers of Fallout and Doom

Rory Cashin

Not much to go on right now, but still more than enough to get us excited to play as Indiana Jones!

It has been a while since we’ve had a proper Indiana Jones game – and in the interim we’ve had some pretenders to his throne such as Lara Croft and Nathan Drake – but, out of nowhere, Bethesda released the very first teaser trailer for their upcoming project featuring the legendary archeologist.

Bethesda are the company behind the likes of The Elder Scrolls series, the Fallout series, the Dishonoured series, The Evil Within series, as well as the recent, brilliant reboots of Doom, Prey, and Wolfenstein.

As they also announced on Twitter, there is a lot to say about the new project just yet:

A new Indiana Jones game with an original story is in development from our studio, Machine Games, and will be executive produced by Todd Howard, in collaboration with Lucas Film Games. It’ll be some time before we have more to reveal, but we’re very excited to share today’s news!”

So, if you don’t know who any of those are, we’ll go through them here:

Machine Games – developers of Wolfenstein: The New Order and several of the recent Wolfenstein sequels.

Todd Howard – director of Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Lucas Film Games – while they’ve been either entirely quiet or just working on Star Wars games in the last few years, LucasArts are responsible for the single greatest Indy game of all time, 1992’s Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis.

So what we’ve got here is a collection of great game makers, working together on a great franchise. Are we excited? Yes. Yes we are. We’re sure there is plenty to pour over in the early footage to give an indication of what we’ll be investigating as Indy, too.

Bethesda were recently bought by Microsoft, so there is a good chance that the new Indiana Jones game could be an Xbox Series X/Series exclusive.

Take a look at the teaser trailer right here:

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