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05th Apr 2020

WATCH: Gardai band members stop for an impromptu trad session

Sarah Finnan

Trad session

These Garda band members prove they’re a talented bunch.

Garda band members took a break from Covid-19 checkpoint duty in the Phoenix Park yesterday, stopping to liven things up a bit with an impromptu trad session.

Posting the clip online, to both the official Garda Twitter and Instagram pages, the clip shows two gardai – one playing the tin whistle, the other on piano.

The public were impressed by their musical skills with several commending the for the impromptu trad session in the comments, telling them to “keep up the good work”.

Urging the public to continue social distancing, the gardai also tweeted an image with guidelines for the use of open public spaces.

“Covid-19 is a major public health emergency here in Ireland and around the world. It’s having a big impact on the way we live our lives, how we stay connected as families and communities, and how we use open spaces.

We must all follow the Public Health advice to reduce our social interactions, but it is also important that we take physical exercise and look after our mental wellbeing.”

With the current advice being to stay at home, the poster also reminds people to adhere to the 2km rule and to take five things into consideration when going to take physical exercise – those being:

  1. Stay local
  2. Keep your distance
  3. Stay within your own household group
  4. use the outdoors respectfully
  5. follow Public Health Advice

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