WATCH: Tom Holland and Zendaya discuss the craziest Spider-Man theories

By Rory Cashin

December 20, 2021 at 5:02pm


There have been some OUT THERE ideas...

Maybe it is because we all love a good theory.

Maybe it is because we love Spider-Man.

Maybe it is because the basic plot of the new movie allows for anything and everything to essentially happen.

But people have been going OTT with their theories around what could happen in Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as what could be happening next with these characters within the MCU.


Our pals over at JOE actually chatted to both MJ (Zendaya) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in the run-up to the movie's release, and among the topics of discussion were the craziest fan theories that they'd heard leading up to the release of No Way Home.

First up, here is the chat with Zendaya:

And secondly, here is the chat with Tom Holland:


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