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20th Dec 2016

10 Sneaky Yet Brilliant Ways To Grab A Drink On Good Friday


We’ve done our homework in case you miss the off licence tonight, and are in need of some alcoholic beverages tomorrow.

Pubs are closed on Good Friday, with thanks to the archaic Intoxicating Liquor Act – so the whole city will be on alcohol lockdown. 

For 24 hours we have no access to alcohol, or so you think… but where there’s a will there’s a way, so why not give one of these sneaky ways a try.

1. Go to the dogs

Generally greyhound race meets, or horseracing events are allowed serve alcohol so grab the gang and head to your nearest track! You might even win a few bob to pay for the next round..


2. Go see a play

Most theatres sell alcohol even on Good Friday, so you can be all cultured whilst getting locked. Just be careful of limited toilet breaks!


3. Throw a gaff party

Everybody loves a house party, and good guests always bring presents so let’s just hope they bring alcoholic presents. 

Anyone for a vat of jungle juice comprising of six different spirits?!


4. Scab off your mates

Again, avail of your pals’ generosity by citing the 94 different reasons that you never made it to the off licence, then wait for them to donate some booze.


5. Check into a shnazzy hotel

Residents get certain privileges, like access to alcohol when the rest of the nation is gagging for a gargle. Quick, to the nearest penthouse!


6. Go on a train journey

You can buy drink on trains, and in train station bars. Whether you actually go somewhere or not is irrelevant, just get thee to the drink.


7. Get the boat

You know who are always drinking? Pirates, that’s who. Head for Dublin Port and hop on the next Stena Line, you can have a seafaring adventure whilst swigging some rum. Avast, me hearties! Otherwise, head to the canal for a bevvie on La Peniche.


8. Take to the skies

Dublin Airport’s another great spot to attain some liquor, as they’re exempt from any silly regulations about getting intoxicated. You can chill at the airport bar, or hop on a flight to get somewhere warmer for the long weekend.


9. Join the club, or a club, ANY club..

We’re not talking about the like of Coppers or Grand Social, we’re talking about members’ clubs. Some bridge clubs, freemason organisations or GAA clubs are allowed serve drink so it might be worth chancing your arm!


10. Become a member of the Irish Army

You know what the have in military barracks? Booze.

Enlist, and reap the benefits! Sure, what could possibly go wrong?


If you succeed in attaining drinks through any of these methods be sure to report back! That is after you pat yourself on the back for your sneakiness, of course..


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