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20th Dec 2016

11 Health Food Bloggers To Help You Stay Strong Right Through Lent


Lent is hard. Going cold turkey is harder.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Ireland is only after coming around to the idea that health food doesn’t have to be limp and tasteless to be good for you. The nutritional revolution is in full swing, with help from the several wholesome restaurants and cafés dotted around the city, hellbent on full body well-being. 

So, give it all up this Lent and take note from these 11 who guide their lives around truly good grub. 

You’ll never look back… (and if you do, it will only be to check out how good you look).

1. Cinnamon Soul

Cinnamon Soul is run by the lovely Niamh O’Sullivan who has recently left blustery Ireland for NYC. She’s breaking into the health and fitness scene in New York whilst battling the every day temptations of the city, $1 pizza slices and all.

If your Lent sugar cravings are kicking in and making you feel rank – just head to the food category of her website and you’ll soon find tasty, healthy eats that will satisfy your hankerings. You can also follow her on her Instagram and Snapchat (Niamhos21)

Just check out these raw 4 ingredient brownies…

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2. Eat Well, Travel Far, Love Often

Eat Well, Travel Far, Love Often is the brainchild of Dublin girl Aoife Carroll who believes in the power of good food.

Her blog boasts an array of treats, dishes and snacks that are not only delicious but also good for you. Her food pics are paired with unbelievable photos of her travels all around the place, which provide a nice dose of escapism.

For those of you with more of a savoury tooth than sweet; check out her delicious smoked garlic spinach crisps, which are paleo, vegan, gluten free and dairy free. 

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3. The Wonky Spatula 

Paleo foodie Nicola Halloran is both the brains and beauty behind The Wonky Spatula, showing people that health food is the best food, one delicious recipe at a time.

This girl knows her stuff, and with a whole section entitled ‘The Paleo List’, you know you can’t really go wrong.

Check out her hot and spicy chicken wings, which she promises to eliminate any signs of a sore head the morning after a heavy one. Wings that act as a hangover cure? Sign us up.

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4. The Happy Pear

The Flynn brothers have been around for some time now, whipping up some of the most delicious looking recipes and smoothies around for their blog The Happy Pear

Their restaurant is based in Greystones, and is constantly packed to the rafters – the sign of good things. 

Just look at their handmade vegan chocolate fudge cake, that’s all you need to know.

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5. Natural Born Feeder

None other than Roz Purcell is the beautiful face behind Natural Born Feeder, a blog which hosted a pop-up on Baggot Street a few days ago

Being a model, triathlete and a self-confessed food lover – Roz has seriously done her homework and written a whole book of whopper recipes for the health food fanatic.

Her stuffed portobello mushrooms are the stuff (geddit?) of dreams, and can be served as a side or eaten on their own as a filling yet healthy treat.

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6. The Little Green Spoon

Indy Power started up The Little Green Spoon a short time ago, and her incredible blog is going from strength to strength ever since.

With a degree in business and a love for cooking, she married her two passions to form something rather extraordinary. She bakes, cooks and conjures up just about everything, from stews to gingerbread, and guarantees you a whopper feast every time. 

Need more proof? Just look at her perfect pulled pork.

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7. Delalicious

Delalicious is fronted by Tipperary woman Sinéad Delahunty – an avid sportswoman and physiotherapist, she focuses on healthy, nutritious and colourful food recipes suitable for all.

Her blog touches on everything from lentils to pancakes and green juice. Fix yourself a vat of her hearty roasted winter veg and coriander soup and you’ll keep yourself going for the week.

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8. Donal Skehan

Mr. Skehan needs no introduction, being one of, if not the biggest food blogger in Ireland. His blog and books have received world reclaim due to his simple approach and fresh locally-sourced ingredients. He’s also currently starring in a series called #followDonal with The Food Network UK travelling the world one dish at a time. 

His stuffed sweet potato is a real winner, filling you with joy and heat – just what we need during the endless succession of storms we seem to be experiencing. 

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9. Susan Jane White 

Susan Jane White calls herself ”a nutritional cook, or nut for short”. This nut is on a mission to cook, create and fill her body with only nutritional, wholesome food after a stint of bad healthy while at university.

Because of this, she knows exactly how the sluggish we can feel after binging on bold foods, and she knows just how hard it can be getting back on that nutritional wagon. Her blog is detailed, yet not boring and filled with recipes for literally any occasion.

She also knows how to have fun. Check out her mojito cheesecake: Vegan, raw, healthy, and most importantly, not gross. Bravo!

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10. Rosanna’s Kitchen 

Rosanna’s Kitchen started up in May 2014 while the blogger was struggling diet wise having been diagnosed with IBS, which affects 10-15% of the population. 

Her blog is full of low-carb, vegan, gluten free and dairy free recipes to satisfy every person’s needs, and are certain to make you feel better, fuller and more content than ever before. 

Her homemade pot noodles are a Pinterest user’s dream, as well as being properly tasty and satisfying.

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11. I’m A Little Vegan

I’m A Little Vegan was set up with the purpose of spreading some veggie love to those in desperate need of nutrition. Louise herself has been a vegetarian since forever, then made the switch to vegan and never looked back. 

Her blog is full of food combinations you would never put together, but then wonder how you’d never thought of them before. She makes you want to try everything by showing you how truly simple and accessible vegan food can be.

Wrap your tastebuds around her pomegranate, fig and vegan parmesan pizza with mint hummus on the side. 

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