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20th Dec 2016

11 Irish Remedies Used Instead Of Standard Medicine


The people of Ireland have been known for centuries to have unexplainable healing powers, cures and home remedies for even the most baffling of diseases.

And while a small percentage of the population are know to have ‘the cure’ for everything from shingles to sprains, the rest of us must deal with the items we have around us to restore ourselves to full health.

Good thing we’ve got ailments sorted with these foolproof ideas…

1. Flat 7-Up

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way, shall we.

All hail the elixir of life.


2. A good soaking

In other words, a hot bath.

Or a pop in the sink, if you’re still a tot.

200 1

3. A hot toddy

Regardless of your age, illness or alcoholic beliefs. A drop of steaming whiskey with a sliver of honey will restore you to full health, or at least make you pass out.

200 2

4. Sugary tea

All it takes to cure you of a multitude of ills, ranging from whooping cough to the black lung, is this undoubtedly weak, sugary drink that’s been made by the caring hands of an Irish mammy.

What a time to be alive.

200 3

5. Dry toast

This versatile little number rectifies all sorts of problems from tummy issues to nausea to strep throat.

It also works as the stepping stone back to having an appetite when you’re feeling rank… winning.

200 4

6. Mashed potato

It’s soft, filling, easy to slide down your throat AND apparently also rids you of hangovers.

200 5

7. Dock leaves

Nettle sting? Sorted. Open wound? Grand.

8. Sticking an onion in your socks

As intense as this sounds, rumour has it that the onion takes in all the badness in your body through your feet, and leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy afterwards.

Sounds legit.

200 7

9. A good dose of cop on

Generally sorts you right out. So our mammies used to tell us anyway.

200 8

10. A hot water bottle

A bit of heat over your tummy works wonders for your whole being. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

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11. And finally, Sudocrem

Layer yourself in this white stuff to settle skin issues and also to bring out your inner ghost/angel.

Rumour has it the smell is soothing enough to cure some of the deadliest of ailments. Just lather that shit everywhere.

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