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20th Dec 2016

12 Reasons Why Dublin’s Tropical Popical Truly Is The Happiest Place On Earth


So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, avoiding South William Street, or have Saoirse Ronan blocked on all of your social media outlets – you know exactly who Tropical Popical are and what they’re about.

They’re so much more than just your regular nail salon, they give us all the warm fuzzies, and so we thought it was time we told them how much we LOVE them – and why.

1. They serve you Lilt in coconuts

This is great for two reasons.

  • Lilt is the best.
  • Coconuts. 

2. They do Ride Of The Week segment each week

Celebrating the beautiful people of the world on the greyest of days when we need them the most.

They spread the love weekly to those who love themselves, and we like that.

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3. Their bathroom is a shrine to David Gandy 

An actual shrine. 

Img 5946

Photo cred:

4. During last year’s equality referendum, they gave out free Vote Yes manicures

These gals just love spreading the love. 

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5. They give you the option to rent out the place to have your bridal shower there

And they don’t skimp on the entertainment.

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6. The decor looks like a Bratz house party on acid

And we can’t get enough.

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7. They’re the soundest girlos going

And even The Lord Mayor knows it.


8. Their uniform is leopard print

Makes for a welcome change from grey slacks and pin-stripe shirts.

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9. They have the ability to put anything and everything on even the tiniest of easels

And even with no room for error, every time they still manage to… nail it.

I’ll get my coat.

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10. They arrive like Mary Poppins at festivals and events and just glam up the nation

AND for free.

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11. Their parties look insane

We want in. 

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12. And finally, they’re honestly the glammest gals going 

And even with several shoutouts on international TV, they’re as modest and humble as you like. 

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