The Lord Mayor Just Emailed Tropical Popical Because Their Soundness Makes Dublin Look Great

"Those girls give your city a heck of a great name!"

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Do you ever feel like you're not getting due thanks for all your hard work?

You break your back, do your best, keep smiling the whole way through – and every day, it feels like you're just running to stay still?

Yeah. We've all been there. But today, at least, the sound crew at Tropical Popical know that their utter soundness doesn't go unnoticed.

After American Patricia Denehan spent some time in Dublin to organise and attend her son's wedding, she was so impressed by the city that she took time out to email Lord Mayor Críona Ní Dhálaigh about her experience.

In the mail, she singled out the South William Street nail bar – and this praise was duly passed on, and posted on the Tropical Popical Facebook page this evening.


In case you can't read it from the image above, the email from Ms Denehan said:

And the ladies at "Tropical Popicle" [sic] nail salon. The bride's aunt reserved the entire salon for all the family to use privately and get to know each other as many had not yet met.

Those girls give your city a heck of a great name! They love their work and the city, and we loved them!

Amazing plaudit for an amazing business – and a lovely touch from the Lord Mayor to pass on the message.

Just goes to show how we're all responsible for showing off how deadly Dublin really is. Nice one, guys.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan