Here Are 13 Of The Best Things You'll Find In The 'Middle Aisle' In Aldi and Lidl

Need an aluminium coin holder, a tie rotator or a welder?


We've all heard the story of how the owners of Aldi and Lidl are brothers who turned their back on one another to divulge in their individual business ventures – and boy, have we reaped the benefits of that sibling rivalry!

Combined, they are the Ikea of the everyday; both daunting and fucking brilliant. Same goes for their 'middle' aisles, where you can root around and find everything you've never dreamed of.

Here's a selection of the 13 best finds we've come across in the middle section of the German superstores.

1. Velour Trackies

That's right ladies, you can re-live your teenage glory days for a low, low prices thanks to Lidl. The comfort will last as long as the elastic does, but the memories will last a lifetime.


2. Nose Trimmers

Another way to relive your teenage days, when you think about it.

Notice some whiskers sprouting out of your nasal cavity? Not a problem, Aldi's got you covered.


3. Cupcake Maker

You mean you've been making cupcakes in an OVEN your whole life? How wrong you were!

Aldi takes the biscuit here with this George Foreman for baked goods.


4. Welder

Arguably the most dangerous of the group, Aldi Australia recently added a Gasless Welder to their middle aisle for those you of keen to melt some metal – whether for a specific reason, or just for the hell of it.

welder 1

5. Bargain Kilts

A traditional kilt and sporran at a low, low price for Burns Night.



6. Bruce Willis DVD Collection

No Netflix? No problem.

Now you can check out Bruno from all angles, with a little help from Aldi.


7. Electric Tie Rotator

Because mornings are hard enough without opening the drawer and having to reach ever-so-slightly for your own tie.


8. MP3 Player

Thought these died with the rise of Apple? You thought wrong!

These dainty beauties are currently on sale in Aldi Belgium, and rumour has it they can accommodate almost an entire song.


9. Ski Suit

The go-to middle-aisle item, and pinnacle of the German supermarket bargains.


10. Condoms

With the name 'Free Safe', you know your evening activities are in good hands.


11. Perfumery

For the Christmas gift you need to buy but don't want to spend a fortune on, Lidl has you covered with the ominously titled 'Suddenly' for women, and 'X-Bolt' for men at an unbelievable €3.49.


12. Space Hoppers

Because how else will you get home?


13. And finally, an Aluminium Coin Case

For when you get the office dick in your Secret Santa.


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Written By

Kate Demolder

Kate is a staff writer here at Lovin Dublin.