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20th Dec 2016

14 Of The Most Hilarious Tweets About Today’s Dublin Bus Strike


It’s week two of the Dubin Bus strike, meaning more traffic and more angry commuters. And where do commuters go when they’re angry? Twitter of course!

Here are some of the funniest – and crankiest – tweets on the debacle.

1. “Surprise, b*tch …”

2. When you’re from Cork and you don’t understand what’s going on

3. When you’re not feeling the impromptu costume change

4. An analogy for the ages

5. Sore legs all ’round

6. #Perseverance

7. We’re through the looking glass here, people!

8. ‘The girl who didn’t go to Paris’

9. Because even during strike action, there’s time for puns


11. DART Etiquette 101

12. The Dark Strike Rises

13. And finally, the REAL consequences of these strikes could be huge

However you’re getting there, get there safe, y’hear?

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