15 Ludicrous Trends That D4s Made Us Believe Were Cool


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Anyone over the age of 20 will certainly remember the D4 era that plagued the city at the height of the Celtic Tiger years.

So intense was its reign that pre-teens all over the country started changing their Bebo location to 'G4' (Galway) and 'K4' (Kildare). And we all got sucked in, massively. 

Let's revel in that, shall we?

1. Popped collars


Shutterstock 331001000

2. Colouring your Cantos logo in

With highlighter, obv.

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Photo cred: www.canterbury.com

3. Backcombed hair

What were we thinking?

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4. Pearls by the bucketload

How did we get anything done?


Photo cred: www.pinterest.com

5. Tutus

...sweet baby Jesus.

200 5

6. Messy buns

Witches, the lot of us.

Bad Hair Day

Photo cred: www.kathleenkurlin.wordspot.com

7. Uggs

How our parents let us pay €200+ for non-waterproof, slouchy, unsupportive snow boots, while living in a temperate climate, is beyond us.

Shutterstock 257592871

8. Foundation lips


Too Much Makeup

Photo cred: www.fastcodesign.com

9. Orange on orange on orange on orange

What other colour make up is there?


10. Pukka necklaces

They itched and clung to clothes, and sort of ruined our lives.

Puka Shell Necklaces

Photo cred: www.gurl.com

11. Hairdresser clips

Broken, bleached hair being shoved into the most miniscule of flimsy clips.

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Photo cred: www.alixexpress.com

12. Dubes

Another pair of overly-expensive shoes with zero support that were 100% unnecessary considering we didn't have any boats handy.

Shoes Anytime 53

Photo cred: www.kearneysclick.com

13. Pricey, pricey hoodies

American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister - pity you had to drop a hundred or so to purchase them.

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14. Juicy Couture tracksuits

Those towelly beauties that made mammies weep.

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Photo cred: www.concoursesolutions.co.uk

15. Frosted tips 

I'm sorry boys, but you all looked ridiculous.

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Photo cred: www.buzzfeed.com

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Kate Demolder

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