17 Fads You'll Remember If You Grew Up In Ireland In The '90s

By seank

March 27, 2019 at 7:06am


The '90s were a simpler times and we're feeling pretty nostalgic for our formative decade right now.

Yet looking back, we were really taken in by a lot of fads at the time.

Have a gawk at our list below and see if they ring a bell.

1. These bouncy balls

You'd get them from a vending machine and proceed to annoy the shit out of your teachers, until they eventually brought in a school-wide ban. There was always word on the street that some kid choked on one last week.

And you swore you'd never go down like that

2. Yo-Yos

We could 'walk the dog' with the best of 'em. But that's about all we could do.

And there was always one fucker who could pull this off

3. Aisling copybooks

Okay, maybe not exactly a fad, but everybody had these bad boys.

They had margins and everything

4. Premier League stickers

Schoolyard hustlers would swap their granny for these shiny bastards. And if someone slapped the stickers out of your hand it was a like a goddamn feeding frenzy.

"Have, have, have, NEED, have, have, have..."

5. Jelly aliens

For some reason, everyone owned an alien, surrounded in goo, contained in an egg.

This being the fashion at the time

6. Inflatable aliens

Aliens in general were pretty hot in the '90s. We can't help but blame Independence Day.

7. Tearaway trousers

The sole preserve of male strippers and Irish kids from the '90s.

8. Gel pens

Stocking up on this viscuous beauties was as essential part of your back-to-school ritual.

9. Troll dolls

You don't remember ever buying them, yet somehow they always found a way into your house.

They also found their way into my nightmares

10. Bauer FX RollerBlades

Because back then, we owned the streets.

11. Step haircuts

Why did the step ever go away? We're baffled.


12. Mathematical sets

Armed with your trusty set, there was no problem you couldn't solve.

Provided that problem involved circles and/or triangles, of course.

Circumferences didn't stand a chance

13. Crayola stamping

Kids today don't understand the importance of stamping shit with a variety of colours.

14. Pogs

Mostly here because you can't have a list about the '90s and not mention pogs.

We loved these things, amiright?

15. Tamagotchi

The ultimate scam concocted by parents to get their children to shut up about getting a puppy. Ingenious really.

Of course, this development in artificial intelligence ultimately gave rise to...

16. Furby

Its cold, dead eyes seemed to follow you across the room. And it kept you up all night with its fucking gibberish. I think everyone reached a point where they knew their Furby had to be destroyed.

But they were notoriously hard to kill

17. The rubber that promised to rub out both pencil AND pen

That was a complete fucking lie.

The origin of an entire generation's trust issues

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