17 Irish Culchie Words Explained In Plain (Dublin) English

Time to know your buck from your gat

Dublin English

So, as much as some would like to believe, there is a lot more to the Emerald Isle than just Dublin. Loads more, actually. And this large percentage of the population have something of their own language. 

And sometimes even they need a little help translating...

Here is a selection of some of the quare best. Enjoy.

1. Dregs

The ends of something – and not necessarily in a bad way, like it would be used in Dublin.

Giz the dregs of your smoke will ya?


2. Beour

Either an attractive looking female, or a dowdy aul wan who smells of talc. Differentiated in context.

200 1

3. Feen

A hardy buck with a ridiculous walk, similar to that of John Wayne.

200 3

4. Quare


200 5

5. Banjaxed 

Broken beyond repair.

200 6

6. Bate

Same as the English 'to beat', but used when you really want to pulverise someone.

200 7

7. Divilment

The general term for fun, rowdiness and excitement.

200 8

8. Manky

Another that's made its way into Dub parlance, and used to describe someone or something totally disgusting.


9. Buck

A young adult male.

''He's some buck for one buck''

200 11

10. Jacks

Yet ANOTHER nicked by the Dubs, meaning the lavatory.

200 13

11. Arseways

To go about something in the totally incorrect way. 

200 12

12. Press

The Irish word for cupboard. Not to be confused with hot press, whatever the temperature.

200 14

13. Mineral

Fizzy pop to the Brits and soda to the Yanks. Fizzy drinks to everyone else.

200 16

14. Gat


No, we don't know why either. 

200 17

15. Polluted

A word for when you're completely and totally ruined from overconsumption of alcohol.

200 18

16. Dose

A cold, flu or ailment that is taking the population by storm. Often exclaimed that it's ''going round''.

200 S

17. And finally – bockety

Something a bit messed up, but may survive. A step before banjaxed.

200 S

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