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18 Time The Product Names In Lidl And Aldi Actually Fully Nailed It

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Trademarks are a funny thing, and emulating them tends to bring out the best in creativity... While there are plenty of hilarious knock-off names out there, Lidl and Aldi's valiant efforts are truly inspiring.

Feast your eyes on these beauties...

1. Nothing like being told what to do on the cover of your cheese snacks

Well, how else would I know?

Img 4917

2. Looking for a noodle as efficient as you are?


Img 4900

3. Oh, what a beautiful morning. I'd just love me a big bowl of...

Delicious Honey Balls.

Img 4902

4. Hmm, so much choice. I wonder what I should put in my sandwich for lunch...

You got me, Salad Baps!

Img 4908

5. I'm looking for something very buttery, but not too buttery, do you know what I mean?

Oh, I know what you mean.

Img 4916

6. Hmm, not quite. Perhaps something with a religious theme?

Thy will be done.

Img 4899

7. I'm looking for a treat, with an aquatic theme, but nothing too birdlike. Can you help?

Say no more.

Img 4910

8. Do you have anything insane in stock? Something that will send my kids up the wall, perhaps? 

Just the thing!

Img 4911

9. Hey, do you by any chance have a chocolate bar that tastes EXACTLY how it says on the wrapper?

We do - many kinds!

Img 4909

10. And how about crisps that will make me grow big and strong? In the shape of a potato, perhaps?

Hold it right there.

Img 4912

11. I'm looking for something tasty and meaty, that's ready in under one and a half minutes

You're in luck.

Img 4914

12. Do you have anything just that bit sturdier than limp rice in stock?

We've got just the thing!

Img 4920

13. Do you have some sort of liquid that tells me exactly what to do with it?

You betcha.

Img 4905

14. Hi there, I'm browsing for something that's not as big as a meal, but not as small as a treat.

We have just the thing!

Img 4918

15. And how about something to round off this 'snack', a dessert per se...

Of course!

Img 4919

16. And how about a celebratory treat for when everything is going adequately?

How about these?

Img 4913

17. And how about small treats that may slightly lie about their shape, but are tasty and wonderful overall?

Of course, right this way.

Img 4904

18. And one last thing, do you stock treats that are totally honest about their appearance?

We wouldn't have it any other way.

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Photo cred: Chriswilson92

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