18 Things Dubliners Would Never Ever Say

By katedemolder

April 14, 2019 at 8:48am


Dubliners are an interesting breed.

Nothing is sacred, everything is either 'deadly' or 'shite' and we all generally have the same feelings on everything. Especially notions.

However, there are somethings that none of us will ever say... We've compiled a list of the best and most common, and here they are, for your pleasure.

1. ''Ah would ya look, the Coppers queue is massive. May as well head home''

2. ''My pint is so cheap!''

3. ''Ah, Jaysus. Look at Keywest go. Keep it up, lads!''

4. “You know what Dublin needs? More doughnut shops''

5. ''Oh I see that young lad has smashed his pint glass. Don't make a big deal out of him''

6. ''I can't wait to go out in Temple Bar tonight!''

7. “Soooo many landlords have offered me an apartment - I’m just spoiled for choice!"

8. ''Ah, I've been clamped. Sure suppose I deserve it.''

9. “The M50 was like a ghost town this morning''

10. ''You know what'd be nice? Seeing someone ELSE win the All-Ireland this year''

11. ''The Coronas are headlining a festival?! We may go!''

12. ''Ah don't be saying that about Bono. He's harmless''

13. ''It's just so nice that everyone takes their time walking on the streets here''

14. ''Those Spanish students just have such a lovely way of speaking''

15. ''The Point? No, no, no. It's the 3Arena now.''

16. “Well, Cork is the real capital anyway”

17. ''Happy St Patty's Day''

18. And finally... ''Bray? Sure that's Dublin''

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