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31st Jan 2017

18 Things Irish Men Used To Wear That Should Quite Simply Never Have Been Legal


The noughties was a dreadful time for all fashion, but particularly men’s. 

Now we’re not here to judge, we’ve all been there. But now that we’ve lived through it and survived to see another day, we can certainly all have a laugh about it and hope to God it never happens again.

We live and we learn, guys. 

Now deep breath, this list is going to take you on the trip down memory lane that you never agreed to…

1. Anything Crosshatch

Dem jeans.

Wing Embossed Light

Photo cred:

2. Brown Wranglers

Just the thing to put that pep in your step.

0009707 Wrangler Lavey 2 Tan Semi Scratch

Photo cred:

3. These T-shirts


The Man The Legend

Photo cred:

4. These runners

Asics: great for your feet, terrible for your eyes.

Asics Runners 1

Photo cred:

5. Bootcut jeans

Sometimes, just sometimes, you can still see these around Dublin city centre.

And if you do, call the guards.


Photo cred:

6. Pukka shell necklaces

Flimsy and pointless. 

Just, why.

Puka Shell Necklaces

Photo cred:

7. Short-sleeved checkered shirts

In every bloody colour.

None of which were nice.

Dg Checkered Style Shirts 1

Photo cred:

8. Cargo shorts

So many pockets, so little time.

2013 Casual Fashion Font B Mens B Font Font B Cargo B Font Shorts Plus Size

Photo cred:

9. Zip-off trousers

Practical? Yes.

Hideous? Also yes.

Bl 112776 A

Photo cred:

10. Frosted tips

Long live the yellow blonde.

Enhanced Buzz 5879 1358522254 2

Photo cred:

11. No shoe was too large

The world just wasn’t ready.

And it never will be.


Photo cred:

12. And no jean leg was too wide

Why did no one stop the madness?

Tumblr Ld9T4I Nbnl1Qae5Rmo1 400

Photo cred:

13. Jean chains

Bitches love jean chains.

S L1000

Photo cred:

14. This haircut

Spikes or die.

Popstars With 90S Hairstyles Nick Jonasgareth Gates 1437568469 View 1

Photo cred:

15. Showing 85% of your boxers

And point black refusing to look at, think about or put on a belt.

Original Bieber Pants Jpg 76C927Eb

Photo cred: Esquire

16. Paddy caps

For a brief stint somewhere during the noughties, thanks to Fergie, paddy caps made their way into the Irish fashion scene again.

And it was the worst.

Paddy Web

Photo cred:

17. Dubes

The upmarket brown Wrangler.

Shoes 1

Photo cred:

18. And finally, these exact tracksuit bottoms

Worn until they were a light shade of grey. Ah, the good old days.

49303703 Xxl

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