19 Ways To Instantly Spot A Basic Bitch In Dublin

By una

February 12, 2017 at 4:38pm


Basic bitches. They're everywhere.

Once used as an insult, it's now practically become a term of endearment as we begin to make peace with the fact that there's a bit of basic bitch in all of us. 

Still not convinced? Here are 19 ways to spot one in Dublin...

1. They use the following emojis after every sentence

2. A fab night out includes a trip to Coppers, DTwo, Diceys or Everleigh Gardens

Harcourt Street 'til I die.

A rickshaw to McDonalds is a necessity afterwards also.

3. They absolutely belt out Mr Brightside at the end of the night


4. White skinny jeans are their fave staple

Stunning with any tops and some simple black heels.


5. They use the dog Snapchat filter quite a bit

Maybe a bit too much?

6. And the butterfly one that makes everyone look 10/10

7. Everything is GORGE

The motto to live by.

8. They brunch regularly in Lemon

Or maybe shake it up with a froyo from Mooch and not forgetting Sprout!

Going wild.

9. They adore Tropical Popical

Gotta keep the talons under control. Where better a place?

10. All their festival gear is purchased from Tola Vintage and Nine Crows

Sure you've got to be having the style for the Electric Picnic! No Body & Soul for this basic bitch.

Maybe Creamfields if they're feeling adventurous or Benicassim if they're very lucky indeed.

11. Amy Huberman is their GODDESS

And she's HILARIOUS on the Twitter.

12. They love listening to Hozier, Villagers, Kodaline, Walking On Cars and Lisa Hannigan

Basic bitches always support the Irish artists!

13. Cocktails in Pyg with the girlies is a must

A very glam and promising start to their big night out on the town.

14. Adidas Superstars are their runner of choice

Especially the black and white pair with the gold at the back of the heel.

15. Cocoa Brown is definitely the best tan on the market in their eyes

Sally Hansen if there's no Cocoa left in Penneys! Perfect the look then with some Rimmel Sunshimmer, of course.

16. The River Island sale is what their dreams are made of

You have to get in early in the morning before all the other basic bitches nab the gorge crop tops and culottes!

17. Their most prized possession is a Michael Kors beige tote

Totes amazing!

18. Beauty Blenders are their fave means of applying makeup

19. Lacing tops is the top trend at the minute

Perfect with some white skinny jeans and a pair of Adidas Superstars.

How many are you guilty of? 

DISCLAIMER: At Lovin Dublin we admit to being as basic as basic bitches can be (the first step is admitting it). 

But we are proud. There is nothing wrong with being basic. Embrace it. 

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