27 Of The Most Categorically Absurd Tweets From Gerry Adams

By katedemolder

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin's president and arguably Belfast's most entertaining politician is one of the most followed Irish political leader on social media, he even released a book a few months back entitled My Little Book Of Tweets.

Pic: sinnfeinbookshop.com

He churns out several tweets each day, all worth their weight in rubber ducks and teddy bears...

Don't understand? Read on.

1. This foxy late night scenario

2. This one highlighting the importance of friendship

Hey, if you're a political leader, you're gonna need back up.

3. This one showing his softer side

Talk about giving the people what they want.

4. This one showing his disdain at Irish weather

5. This one showing his love for mammies 

6. This one showing his understanding nature after a long chat with Ted

7. This one after a good night celebrating New Year's Eve

8. This one showing us that you really do learn something new everyday

9. This one on the struggles of modern life

10. This flirty hint

We see you, Gerry.

11. This time he auditioned for L'Oreal

12. This cryptic insight into his life

13. This one of him being a divil

14. This time he said what we're all feeling

15. This time he made us laugh, and then made us think

And then made us hungry.

16. This time... I don't even know

17. This time he knew a good man when he saw one


18. This time he made us lol, as he does so well 

19. This time he was all of us 

20. This time he was full of love and light

21. This time he was both vague and specific

22. This time he witnessed a miracle

23. This time he was the most relatable man alive

24. That time he met the family 

25. That time he made an honest mistake

26. That time he expressed his love of bathing

And who wouldn't? With that bad boy.

27. And finally, that time he expressed the futility of life so eloquently

It's just not fair.

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