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20th Dec 2016

28 Bizarre Things That Are Only Acceptable At Christmas


Christmas can be a weird time for us all.

Between unwanted socialising, being forced to buy presents for your colleagues and queuing absolutely fucking EVERYWHERE – it can send us a little mad.

However, the season does kind of set it up for failure. After all…

‘Tis the season to be baffling…


1. Allowing Christmas Eve Eve to become a holiday

Merry Pub-mas everyone, and to all a good pub.

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2. Commenting on how well a priest does his job

”He says a lovely Mass”


3. Wearing offensively patterned knitwear with pride

And giving out to others not doing so.

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4. Putting on your best clothes to sit around the house for the day

Giphy 5

5. Shoving Quality Street into your mouth at 7am

200 2

6. Shifting someone you went to school with in the local

Hey, it’s Christmas.

200 3

7. Listening to the same five songs for a whole month


8. Setting your dessert on fire

9. Getting back into your pyjamas at 5pm

Giphy 1

10. Enormous indoor shrubbery

200 4

11. Buying the RTÉ Guide just because

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12. Asking your mum can you eat certain biscuits

Or are they ‘for Christmas’.

Giphy 2

13. Putting a ‘the’ in front of ‘Christmas’


200 6

14. Kicking our electricity bill up a shit tonne for the buzz

200 7

15. Getting the shift cause a plant says so

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16. Drinking hot wine


Giphy 3

17. Comparing all of the TV ads in the world

Who has the time?

18. Putting hats on to eat dinner

Shutterstock 233578822

19. Singing the national anthem of gold digging and being okay with it

20. Sending pictures like this of yourself to your staff

21. Eating a sweet every day just because you bought a calendar

Shutterstock 480443065

22. Listening to Mariah Carey 24 hours a day

200 8

23. Napping pre and post dinner

It ain’t easy being sleepy.

200 9

24. Using the word ‘Twas’

We’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

200 10

25. Dressing as an overweight man who breaks into your gaff

200 11

26. Leaving a pint out overnight for said intruder

200 13

27. Fighting with your siblings over what type of potatoes should be served at dinner

200 12

28. And finally, you make a cake for the big day three months prior

Would ya be well?

200 14

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