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5 Great Netflix Movies To Ease The Sunday Fear

By fiodhna_hm

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


It's Sunday and you need something akin to a big hug right now.

Unfortunately, we can't hug you (because we're a website), but we can offer you a way to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

On days like these, when you may be hungover and facing work tomorrow, the biggest struggles faced are generally counting down the minutes until the Chinese opens, and choosing what spongey movie to watch on Netflix.

Now, we're not miracle workers, so we can't teleport a spice bag or 3-in-1 to your bed, but we can give you a list of great movies to watch when in need.

Avoid the likes of The Shawshank Redemption and 50/50 at all costs, and focus on less emotionally draining movies, like the ones below, to comfort your poor, fragile, Sunday soul...

1. Zoolander

Up there as one of the most quotable films of all time, you'll be crying with laughter watching Zoolander (and apparently laughter is medicinal so it's a win/win situation).

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

An absolute classic, with a brilliant soundtrack and plenty of life lessons.

3. Pocahontas

Nothing more soothing than Grandmother Willow to tell you everything will be ok.

4. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

A great movie in its own right, but Norah's mate is such a drunken mess you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that you weren't that bad last night.

5. Heathers

This is the original, albeit more sinister, movie about mean girls starring a baby-faced Winona Ryder. Watch it purely for brilliant quotes like this little one right here...

Here's hoping that these movies will ease the sore heads a little bit, and help pass the time until The Fear fucks off.

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