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20th Dec 2016

6 Brilliant Apps You Need To Download This Week


Be they time-consuming, mind-numbing or genuinely useful, we love our apps. And so, we want to give you the lowdown on which ones are worth their virtual salt. 

We’re good like that. Read on for this week’s big six. 

1. Waze

This is the app for you if you’re a driver, commuter, or constantly find yourself on a long trip.

What is it? Waze is a free social traffic, navigation and fuel app that uses real-time reports from drivers nearby to improve your commute. 

Why is it so good? The app shows just how fast its users are travelling on the road and redirects you around traffic mid-trip, thus shortening your commute. It also keeps a tag on way more than just traffic; alerting you to roadworks, accidents, red-light cameras, and even Gardaí ahead on your route.

How much? Free.

2. Geometry Dash-Lite

This is the game for you if your internet is dodgy, as you can still play offline.

What is it? Geometry Dash Lite is a fiercely thrilling and wildly addictive game, only new to the market since December, and involves a series of jumps and dashes.

Why is it so good? You can use it whether you have internet or not – rare in the app world and ideal for those of you who go back home to the country at the weekend to subpar internet access.

How much? Nada.

3. Aldi Ireland

For those of you who shop at Aldi, are on a budget and enjoy the miscellany of the middle aisle special offers – listen up.

What is it? Exactly what it says on the tin, an app for all of your Aldi-filled needs. 

Why is it so good? With the Aldi app, you get to see in advance all the special offers for the following week (including the fruit and veg that are down to 39c, as well as the Super 6 meat offers for the next few days), and you’re also informed of what products they’re getting in for the special offer Thursdays and Sundays – such as the twice sold-out Nutrient Blender.

How much? Zilch.


4. Accuweather

This is the only real way to keep track of the ever-changing weather we experience on this blustery island.

What is it? A weather app, but not just any weather app. Superior accuracy is their motto, and they stick to it. 

Why is it so good? Accuweather shows you the possibility of rain, as well as accuracy to the minute of when the next shower is going to be. It also has a Real Feel tag, which shows you how cold/warm it will feel as opposed to the actual temperature – factoring in rain, wind and other surprises our temperate oceanic climate throws our way.

How much? Nothing at all. Nothing at all. Nothing at all.


5. 7 Minute Workout

This is for those of you who feel they don’t have the time to hit the gym, or don’t have the cash for a personal trainer.

What is it? A workout app based around exercises that last seven minutes… in case you didn’t guess that by the title.

Why is it so good? 7 Minute Workout allows you to choose a workout that suits you best, pick how many circuits you wish to do and also to choose the voice of your instructor (which ranges anywhere from Hippie to Drill Sergeant – not even kidding.) 

Also there’s no equipment required and the app allows you to mingle with other fitness enthusiasts, thus lending to your original motivation which made you download the app.

How much? €0.00.

7 Minute Workout App

6. 1Password

This is for those of you who forget passwords like it’s an Olympic sport.

What is it? 1Password is a password manager app which allows you to slot your passwords in to place as you would contacts

Why is it so good? The app has different sections for different passwords you use regularly, including logins, credit cards and identity cards – I think everyone knows someone who needs this app.

How much? Nuffink.


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