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30th Dec 2016

6 Fitness Classes In Dublin That You Need To Try At Least Once

Alana Laverty

There’s far more to working out these days than just hopping on a treadmill. 

Nowadays your local gym will offer everything from spin and TRX to cross-fit – but even then, there is SO much more out there.

Better craic, better workout? Yes please!

And you’ll definitely get both with one of the following…

1. Rock climbing

It ain’t as easy as it looks lads, but you don’t necessarily need a whole lot of body strength. If you’re tactical and have a good eye you’ll fly it. 

Not only do you get that craved adrenaline rush but you’re working out your entire body – you won’t even notice you’re exercising! 

Awesome Walls in Finglas is around €11 for an hour’s climbing. Sure go on, go on, go on. 

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2. Ballet barre

Sweat while you plié.

This blend of ballet, cardio and pilates has proved very popular stateside and is beginning to make an impression in Dublin.

It aims to tone and elongate your muscles, lift your booty and slim your thighs.

You’ll feel great, look great and pick up some new moves along the way. Oh, and better still, you can get your first two classes for €25 at Platinum Pilates.

Screen Shot 2016 05 23 At 16 59 47

3. Reformer pilates

There’s something I’ve always HATED about pilates – but reformer pilates is a whole other ball game.

Probably the best workout I’ve ever tried, it puts every bloody muscle to work; the ones you didn’t even know existed will be crying out in agonyyyyy.

There are a few spots around Dublin offering classes, but this is the best one I’ve found so far. Cool studio and excellent instructors – and just around the corner from 3fe, so you can treat yourself to a coffee after you work your arse off. 


4. Pole fitness

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Pole dancing has been considered a legit sport for quite a while now, and this is an INTENSE workout.

It works almost every muscle in the body, but more to the point there’s nothing like learning a new skill to make you feel fab – and this very much delivers. This workout is fun, effective, sexy and not just for girls

The Irish Pole Dance Academy welcome anyone, and everyone, of any level of strength or fitness to give it a go. Werk it.

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5. Aerial yoga

Always wanted to be an acrobat? Now’s your chance.

Yoga is great, but yoga upside down while suspended from a ceiling is mental – and while it looks terrifying, there really is nothing quite like this anti-gravity variation.

You have to try it to believe it, buds.

Redkite Yoga Offer Moderate

6. Trampoline Fitness

How better to workout than on a frickin’ trampoline?! 

Jumpzone offer a tough workout, but the results are amazing. From strengthening your core to improving balance there are many a benefit to gain from these classes.

And you get some mad trampoline skillz while you’re at it, and it’s only a tenner.

Jumpzone Fitness

Image: Sarah Harrington,

There is something for everyone out there. No matter what you’re into!

So have a go, find one you love and enjoy yourselves. 

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