6 Lunches In Dublin To Try If You're On A Budget This Week

Mo' money, mo' problems

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Lunch can be hectic. You've just one hour (if you're lucky) to get your shit together, eat, bitch about your co-workers, and then get back in the zone. 

While we can't really help with the longevity of your lunch time, we can help you not make it rain while doing so. 

Try one of these places this week and give your wallet a well-deserved break. It deserves it. 

1. Anything, Luncheonette

This NCAD haunt is unbelievable value for money, which will surprise you considering the food is so good and wholly organic. 

They make up new menus every few days, with almost everything priced under a fiver. They broadcast their menus on their Facebook page when they change them, so mere mortals like you and I can keep up.

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2. Paella, Havana

Havana Tapas Bar on South Great George's Street does a mean paella, and their paella Mondays deal means you can pick up a big bowl of the stuff for only €5 – providing you check in on Facebook.  

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3. Sandwiches, Bison

Bison Bar, located on Wellington Quay, do some pretty decadent pulled pork, beef brisket or sausage sandwiches for just a fiver if you take them away. Pick these babies up, find a sunny spot, and you're laughing.

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4. Pizza, Star Pizza

Star Pizza on Talbot Street do an all day special of a 9'' pizza with two toppings, chips, dips and coke for €5. They also do free delivery, for days when the weather is so grim that you can't be arsed leaving the office. 

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5. Bean and cheese burrito, Pablo Picante's 

Pablo Picante's whip up a super tasty burrito for €4.95, for when you need good food fast, all for under a fiver. 

In this you'll get yourself some refried beans, black beans, grated cheese, Mexican-flavoured rice and freshly-made salsa of your choice, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla. 

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6. Soup or salad, Soup Dragon

If you want soup, this is the place for you. Their soups change daily, which are documented on their website, and their vegetables soups come in at €5.30 and is served with homemade bread. 

They also do some cracking salads to go for €4. 

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