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08th Mar 2018

6 Savage Takeaway Spots For You To Round Off Your Bank Holiday Weekend


Bank Holiday Monday Fear > Regular Sunday Fear.

It’s rough, isn’t it? So go on… cheer yourself up.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best dishes you can treat yourself to this very evening. There’s something for everyone, and realistically, food always makes things better.

You got this.

1. Neon

Neon is a local hotspot for some of the healthiest, tastiest and best Asian food in the city. They use super crunchy fresh vegetables, delicious meat and spices that will change your perspective on taste.

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2. Saba

Saba have an impressive range of healthy options on their menu, from soups to noodles dishes to stir fries to curries. 

Their Caveman Red Curry is suitable for those on the paleo diet, available with chicken, beef, veg or prawns. They also stock the sinfully, yet not sinful, delicious Nobó ice cream, for a guilt-free dessert.


3. Da Mimmo

Da Mimmo is pretty much as authentic as you can get. This place is the find you’ll want to keep to yourself, the food is that stellar. 

What’s great about Da Mimmo, is that the standard of their food isn’t scrimped by small portion sizes. Trust us, you’ll be full after one of these bad boys.

4. Burdock’s

There are few things better to eat in Dublin than fresh fish, in a crispy batter, with a side of piping hot chips. And who does this better than Burdock’s

That’s right – no one.

Ease into your Fake Sunday evening, and reward yourself after that long week (they’re always long, aren’t they?) with one of, if not the, best comfort meals in Dublin. You deserve it.

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5. Musashi

A universally excellent menu, and super prices – with Musashi, you can’t really go wrong.

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6. Zaragoza

Not in the mood for one dish in particular? Then Zaragoza‘s unbelievable tapas selection is the choice for you.  

They have a huge amount to choose from, with something for quite literally everyone. They’re particularly famed for their delicious and fresh fish tapas, which puts them miles above the rest. 

Zaragoza Tapas

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