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8 Celebrities You Spot All The Time In Dublin (But Still Cause You To Lose Your Shit)

By cynthia

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We Irish like to think we’re cool as cucumbers when it comes to spotting celebrities.

We have this whole defiant, “Yes that was Nicolas Cage, so feckin’ what? Who’s he when he’s on the toilet?” thing going on.

But I reckon we’re not at all as nonchalant as we make out. Deep down we’re only one step away from Kathy Bates in Misery. Just admit it; you lose it when you see these lads…

1. Colm Meaney

A national hero. Think of The Barrytown Trilogy, Star Trek, his genius turn as Jerry in Intermission. I spotted Colm in the Suffolk Street Avoca one Christmas and it took all my restraint not to hop onto his back and beg him to take me to his house in Mallorca for the winter months.


2. Pierce Brosnan

There’s some bang of Hollywood off Pierce. Seriously, it wafts in the air when he swans by. Pierce is one of our main ‘proper’ celebrities, so is it any wonder we come over a bit starstruck when we catch a glimpse of him?


3. Anyone from Fair City

Now by anyone, what I really mean is the old guard. They did the time, now we do the crime – being impressed by them. Show us the likes of a Bela, a Charlie or a Carol and we’re squealing.


4. Bono

We’re playing it cool because it’s not the done thing to like Bono – but inside we’re like “It’s BONO, Jesus H. Christ it’s feckin’ BONO! And he’s wearin’ the mad shades!”


5. Anne Doyle

Anne’s a true legend of Irish journalism. I’ve seen her out and about a good few times suited and booted, never so much as a hair out of place. What a pro.


6. Colin Farrell

We’re Irish, a nation of begrudgers, an army united against ‘notions’ – which is why it’s only natural that we have to keep reminding Colin he was once a line dancer. It doesn’t mean we wouldn’t smell him if he was in front of us in a queue though.


7. Sinead O’ Connor

Equally admired (because she’s brilliant) and feared (because you’re uncomfortably aware she probably wouldn’t like you), it’s hard not to lose it when faced with a bona fide Irish icon like Sinead.


8. Any one of the Gleesons

Granted, Dad Brendan would be the real coup, but sons Domhnall and Brian are accomplished enough to deserve an ‘OMG is that yer man?’ freak out in their own right.


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