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Remember Yesterday’s Beautifully Insane Wedding Invite? Well There’s More Where That Came From…

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Remember this?

Well, it turns out it came from this wonderfully gifted Waterford man – Sir Michael. And he’s recently posted a notice in Waterford in search of a like-minded individual who will help him bust a friend out of prison.

Michael (sorry… Sir Michael) clearly demonstrates that he’s an inventive so-and-so with this list and we have no doubt that he’ll have no shortage of applicants for this partner-in-crime position. This isn’t the first list Michael (SIR Michael) has posted in Waterford and shared with the world via Twitter, others included an ad for a personal trainer.

A song-writing partner.

A tag-team partner.

A wedding partner, as we detailed yesterday.

And a best friend, after losing his previous bestie in a perfectly understandable Monopoly row.

Sir Michael shares his lists on his Twitter account and we’d happily read many more of them.

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