Australian Magistrate Tells Teen To 'Be More Like 50 Cent'

Get rich or die tryin'

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2016 strikes again...

A magistrate in Australia told a 16-year-old, after being sentenced for theft, that he should be more like rapper 50 Cent, and make an attempt to turn his life around.

Magistrate Deen Potter likened the teen’s talent for sports to Fiddy′s rap prowess and suggested he use his skills to opt for a lifestyle change, free from crime. 


Porter went on to say:

Like you, he came from the most tragic, traumatic circumstances… but he was able to rise above them through hard work and his talent for music,” reported the West Australian.

As a young Aboriginal man, if you end up in that system, your chances of turning your life around will only grow slimmer.

The rapper was seen as an excellent role model for anyone who is keen to turn their life around and start anew. 


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