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20th Dec 2016

EXCLUSIVE: This Gorgeous New Bar Is About To Open On South William Street


59 South William Street is opening its doors to the public once again, as new bar and restaurant Farrier & Draper has just set up shop.

Formerly home to The Lost Society, the establishment’s downstairs bar has ample seating, an impressively well stocked bar and a gorgeous colour scheme of muted browns, maroons and greys. 

The waiters and bar staff will be kitted out in full 1920s garb, complete with peaky blinders hats, shirts and sleeve garters. 

The upstairs bar, located in what was once Lady Powerscourt’s very own bedroom, offers even more space, with alluring decor and good music being provided by an in-house DJ.

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The whole bar upstairs, and stairs leading up to it, is decorated with hundreds of 1920s style paintings and photographs, giving a very definite Prohibition era feel to the place. 

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We’re just looking to offer a cool, upmarket experience in a setting that’s chilled out, different and not a bit stuffy. Selling upmarket cocktails and using all premium products, we offer a casual bar downstairs and a more vibrant upmarket bar upstairs. 

Clinton White, General Manager

There’s also a 60-seater Italian restaurant going in downstairs, offering old school Italian food al forno, with a stone pizza oven and authentic Italian dishes. They also offer afternoon tea daily, for those in search of a lighter bite. 

The restaurant itself showcases some beautifully exposed brick paired with perfect mood lighting, promising to be a trendy, yet romantic, setting.

But what’s the deal with the name Farrier & Draper? Apparently, it connects the contemporary and historical roles that South William Street and Powerscourt Townhouse played in the life of the city centre, as farriers and drapers plied their trade there in the 18th century.

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There will be a soft opening for the bar on Thursday April 28, and the restaurant is opening sometime the following week.

Will you be checking out Farrier & Draper?

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