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20th Dec 2016

13 Food Items You’re Probably Pronouncing Wrong


Time to time, we like to believe we know our way around a kitchen. But every so often, our collective ego gets brought down a peg or two when we find out that we’re actually tiny dumb children running around just looking like competent adults.

We’ve decided to give you guys a heads up regarding the pronunciation of certain food related items and brands.

We just hope you do better than we have…

1. Nutella

Yes, this is actually not pronounced ‘nut-ella’, but more ‘noot-ella’

Yes, everything you’ve ever known is a lie. 

Shutterstock 363509684

2. Hoegaarden

This is less ‘hoe-garden’, and more ‘who-garden’.

Best to nail this one, as you don’t really want to be throwing the word ‘hoe’ around down at your local…

Shutterstock 292242002

3. Sriracha

While some of you won’t even attempt this word (wise, so many r’s) we can officially tell you that it’s pronounced a little like ‘see-rotch-ah’.

‘Rotch’ rhyming with ‘crotch’. So there.

Shutterstock 168940067

4. Fage

Listen up you lot, because this one comes way out of left field: ‘fa-yay’

Shutterstock 364249967

5. Chimay

Cultured francophiles will get this in an instant, but for the rest of us uncultured swine, this beer is pronounced: ‘shim-ay’.


Shutterstock 264256190

6. Kikkoman

Less ‘kick-a-man’, more ‘keek-oh-mon’.

Not too far off Pokémon.

Shutterstock 366782222

7. Glacéau


Or, equally, vitamin water, for those of you attempting to keep it real in this crazy world we live in.

251027 102904699804117 3800052 N

8. Godiva


Sort of like the way a British man would say the words ‘good-diver’.

Shutterstock 201542357

9. Maraschino

No ‘sh’ sounds here. This one is: ‘marr-uh-skee-no’


10. Acai

Prepare to feel a little dumb. This one is pronounced wither: ‘ah-si-ee’ or ‘ah-sah-ee’.

Yeah, we knew that too…

Shutterstock 245743591

11. Star anise

Anise: ‘a-niss’, not ‘a niece’.

At least you got the ‘star’ part right. 

We hope. 

Shutterstock 266385122

12. Bruschetta


Well, back in our box we go.

Shutterstock 296697692

13. Buffet

This is scary. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t pronounced ‘buff-fay’, but ‘BOO-fay’.

Like bootay.



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