Given Up Cursing For Lent? Try These 13 Irish Curse Words On For Size

Not for the faint hearted.


Lent is a time for trying to be a better person, abstaining from certain things in order to become a better person, and generally sorting your shit out.

Or should we say... sorting your sh*t out?

For, you see, many have given up the national pastime for Lent. 

So, how about tuning into your cultural side and delving into the vocabulary of our people for all of your filthy profanity needs. We've shown our love for An Ghaeilge and all of its incredibly crafty turns of phrase before, but this time it's necessity. Try some of these on for size. 

1. Stiúsaí 


A narky, plump woman. Aunt Madge from Harry Potter, basically.

200 7

2. Breall



200 8

3. Óinseach


A female twit. 

200 9

4. Cac ort

(cack urt)

Fuck you.

200 11

5. Uascán



200 12

6. Cúl tóna

(cool tone-ah)


200 13

7. Aiteann


The C word. 


200 14

8. Gligín



200 15

9. D'anam don diabhal 

(don-om dun dee-wall)

Your soul to the devil. Or, in layman's terms: eat shit and die. 

200 16

10. Imigh leat

(im-ig lat)

Fuck right off. 

200 17

11. Téigh suas ort féin / Gabh suas ort féin 

(tay sue-iss urt fain / guv sue-iss urt fain)

Go fuck yourself. 

200 18

12. Go dtite seacht mbuicéid cac chirce ar do cheann

(go ditta shocked muck-ade cack curcka air duh ki-yow-n)

May seven buckets of chicken shit fall on your head. 

200 19

13. And finally – snaidhm bundúin ort

(sn-ai-m bun-doon urt)

May your anus be knotted. 

200 20

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