PICS: These Repeal Tags Have Been Popping Up All Over Town

Have you seen one near you?


Unless you've been living under a pretty heavy rock, you'll have heard all the hubbub about the Repeal The 8th campaign this week.

Attempting to encourage conversation around the movement, noted street artist Maser spray painted 'Repeal the 8th' onto the side of the Project Arts Centre. 

Mural 1

Only to find it removed soon after for not following council procedure.

Mural 4

This sparked outrage amongst the pools of pro-choicers in Dublin, inspiring them to re-paint the walls of the city of Dublin with their thoughts.

These are the three that were brought to our attention, thanks to Aimée on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016 07 28 At 15 01 54
Screen Shot 2016 07 28 At 15 02 08
Screen Shot 2016 07 28 At 15 02 14

Have you seen any more near you?

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Kate Demolder

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