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26th May 2017

33 Things You’ll Always See On A Sunny Day In Dublin

Alana Laverty

We all know sunshine in Ireland is rare af. 

But when it eventually does start splitting the rocks every crayture on the island comes out of hibernation to catch a few rays. 

Here are the 33 things you see around our fair city on a sunny day. Unfortunately there are some things you can’t un see…

99 Ice Cream

1. 99s

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! But seriously, 99s everywhere.

2. Guns, Buns ‘n’ Tums

You do you.

3. Toes

Walking barefoot, in flips flops, sandals, even crocs. Put ‘em away for the love of God. 


4. Shirtless lads. Everywhere.

Is there really a need guys? C’mon, save it for Maga.

5. Snapchat stories telling you that it’s sunny

I can see the sun. You can see the sun. I don’t need your snapchats.

6. The colour of the Liffey

Who knew it wasn’t black?!


7. Dodgy fake tan

Is that a rare skin disease? Nope, just a bottle of Sally Hansen gone wrong.

We’ve all been there… the struggle is real. 

8. Cans in the Pav

Sneaking in your cans and praying that it’s the can of the day. 

9. People jumping off the 40 foot

The most popular adrenaline rush within The Pale. Freezin.

10. Wifebeaters

Worn by pasty skinned zombies with their eyes blinking like its the first time they’ve seen the light of day all year. 

11. A line outside Teddys

Dat queue doe. 

The wait ain’t easy but it all pays off. Deep breaths. 

12. Websites telling you that it’s sunny

Ld Article


13. Backwards caps

Are not, and never will be, cool. Comprende?

14. Slabs of cans


15. Longboards 

Gnarly bro!

16. DIY beer gardens and pavement cafés

Sure throw a few tables and chairs out the door, be grand!

17. Sceptics wearing coats and carrying brollies

And with our, um, ‘erattic’ weather you can’t reeeeally blame them.

18. Iced coffees

Because we still need our caffeine hit but wanna avoid the sweats. First world problems.

19. Sunburn

The sun has been out for a whole ten minutes, HOW are you burnt already?! 

20. Sunglasses being worn as hairbands

‘Cause fashion? 

You know it’s summer when you’re dusting off the sunnies. 

21. Dogs

Everyone and their ma has brought the pooch out for the day. Mind yer ankles.


22. Those dodgy zip off trousers (that shouldn’t exist)

Shorts or trousers. Make your choice. 

Capri pants are also just as bad. No, no, don’t try to justify, we’re not listening.

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23. Dad bods

We’ll say no more.

24. Frisbees

It’s all fun and games until it hits you in the eye. Or gets caught in a tree. 


25. Disposable BBQs

Charred burger? Check. Squirt of ketchup? Check. First degree burns? Check. 

26. Ice cream vans

Ahhhh that wave of nostalgia you get when you hear the sweet – though ever so slightly terrifying – melody of your local ice cream van. 

27. People in wetsuits jumping into canals

A quick dip in the canal to cool down on a scorcher. 

28. Study dates in the park

Nothing quite like that sweet escape from the library on a hot day. Aaahhhhhh.

29. Lunch dates in the park

Grab a Chopped or Sprout&Co on your way to Stephen’s Green for frolic. Deeelightful. 

30. PDAs

Get. A. Room.

31. People tanning themselves in bizarre/inappropriate places

Henry Street? Really? Put your clothes back on fool. 

32. Cold tourists

Because 19° really isn’t that hot out there in the real world. 

33. Buskers

Only in Dublin…  

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