The 10 Most Irish Halloween Costumes Ever

Oíche Shamhna is nearly upon us

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Nobody does Halloween quite like the Irish do.

Forget the blood and gore, we're far more concerned with having the most gas and comical costumes out of our group of friends each and every year.

Here's our list of all the best ones we've noticed over the last couple of years and are bound to make an appearance this year.

1. Father Ted

A firm favourite each year, Father Ted is bound to make an appearance at your annual Halloween party.

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2. Mrs.Doyle

And what is Father Ted without Mrs. Doyle? They are a double act like no other. Pretty easy to pull together but with a great end result.

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3. Damo and Ivor

A popular choice at Halloween, dressing up like these comical geniuses is all about choosing the right tracksuits and getting your hair gelled to perfection.

Damo And Ivor

4. An Irish Priest

Ah, the classic Halloween costume, the Priest. Get yourself a Bible, a set of rosary beads and a dog collar and you're set for the night.

5. A Farmer

A farmer costume is about as Irish as it gets when it comes to Halloween. Expect to see many a paddy cap and pipe. 

6. An Irish Nun

This one is much more fun in a group. Throw on a habit and you're good to go. We guarantee that in this costume you can't help but have a gas night!

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7. An Irish Granny

A firm favourite with groups of friends each Halloween, the Irish Granny is a simple yet effective costume. 

8. A Sheep

This one takes real commitment as you have to paint your face black to get the full effect but it's worth it to see the end result.

9. A D4

This one was more of a hit back in the day but it still makes the odd appearance at Halloweentime. All you really need is some backcombed hair, a juicy couture bag and some uggs and you've got all the makings of an AMAZING costume.

10. Zombie

When we're lacking inspiration and funds to come up with a costume, most of us just throw a bit of white powder on our face and squirt a bit of fake blood. And like that you're instantly a zombie. Hardly the most original but it'll do!

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Written By

Aoife McCormack