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24th Feb 2017

The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Suffering From Hay Fever In The Office


It’s that time of year again – we all lost the run of ourselves in the first three days of summer that we had, rolled around in the grass like puppies – and now we’re all dying with hay fever. 

Everyone in the office now looks a little more swollen and puffy than we originally did before. Life is a little harder, and that damn pollen count just keeps on risin’. 

But, it was definitely worth it. Right?

1. Denial 

No, no, no! Only losers get hay fever! 


2. Irritation


200 4

3. Self-pity

I am as weak and sad as a bag of limp kale.

200 2

4. Pure unadulterated anger

There are murders, fascists and dictators in this world, and I AM THE ONE being mutilated by our flourishing society?!

Disclaimer: The only way out of this is swearing or a swig of baby Calpol.

200 5

5. An emotional lift

(Due to the swearing and baby Calpol.)

200 6

6. Loneliness

No-one gets your struggle, and no-one can see you cry. Your desk is your fortress of solitude and if anyone dares come near you in your precious time of need, they will be removed.

200 11

7. Neediness

…what? No-one’s coming over?


200 8

8. Hunger like no other hunger you’ve felt before

Because you can’t really eat and food doesn’t really taste like anything. 

Plus your eyes are so puffy they have actually closed – so that apple could really be an onion, or a bagel, or even a bar of soap.

200 9

9. Despair

Ugh. This bread is made of beige and lies!

200 10

10. Disappointment

God, this life is just a bottomless hole of unhappiness and I have fallen at the first hurdle.

200 12

11. Impatience

Get your shit together, Piriton. I’ve already taken eight of you and you’ve done nothing apart from make the room spin a little.

Well fucking done, you tablet of BULLSHIT.

200 13

12. ‘Oh.. The sky is so beautiful, and oh! This water is so tasty’


200 14

13. Then shit gets kinda real

Oh God, I’ve so much to do and I’m so behind, and I sort of realised that this is real life and not some sort of coffee-fueled purgatory. Everyone has been working solidly all day and no-one told me?

Someone should give out to them!

200 15

14. Exhaustion

All these feelings really take it out of you. It’s 4pm and EHRMAGAWD, how am I still awake?


15. And finally, defeat

You’re done. 

Retreat to your bed and fill your life with bath salts, medicine and vitamin C to knock that hay fever into outer space. 

The day has been filled with problems so intense that you doubted even your own self-worth. Well, not really. It’s everyone else that’s fucking idiotic, not you.

But tomorrow will be better. Now off to bedrest with you…

200 16

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