There Will Be A '90s Horror Film Fest And Halloween Party At The Light House Cinema This Month

Hocus Pocus, The Blair Witch Project, and The Silence Of The Lambs are just a few to be screened


You probably haven't noticed, but we kinda like the '90s.

And it seems that we're not alone in this, because the Light House Cinema are celebrating Halloween this year with a '90s Horror Season and a Scream Halloween Party.

The decade in question was huge for the horror genre, it saw the only horror film to ever win the Best Picture Oscar and popularised both the 'ironic slasher' and found footage horror. Thanks for that, the '90s.

To get everyone in the Halloween spirit, the Smithfield cinema is screening a selection of the by-gone decade's best scary movies, finishing up with a Scream double bill and a Halloween party.

Try to rope your friends into seeing a few of these with you, we're sure they'll be delighted by the prospect.


Check out the Light House Cinema's collection of '90s horror screenings below.

1. Silence Of The Lambs - Tuesday, October 27, 8pm

2. The Blair Witch Project - Wednesday, October 28, 8.30pm

3. Wes Craven's New Nightmare (on 35MM) - Thursday, October 29, 8.30pm

4. Candyman - Friday, October 30, 8.30pm

5. Hocus Pocus - Saturday, October 31, 3pm

This one's on in the afternoon, so it's perfect for bringing the kids along.

6. Scream Halloween Party (Scream 1 & 2 double bill) - Saturday, October 31, 9.30pm

As the name suggests, this one will be more than a screening but a party as well, because who doesn't feel like dancing after a good slasher?

It kicks off at 8pm.

If anything from the list tickles your fancy, you can book your cinema tickets here. You'll find the Light House Cinema in Smithfield.

Sleeping peacefully is overrated anyway.

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