There's Going To Be A Super-Classy Masquerade Ball In This Fantastic Room Tomorrow Night

And the food looks unreal


Don't want to spend tomorrow night battling through the crowds at Temple Bar, and trying to avoid some stranger from throwing up on your shoes?

No. Neither do we. 

Thankfully there's far more to do than just sit in a pub and count down the minutes until the clock strikes 12 – in fact, we've documented 50 such suggestions, and you can check them out here.

However, the Masquerade Ball is one that really jumped out at us – not only does it boast a pretty insane menu, with a main consisting of a herb-rubbed beef sirloin and smoked buttermilk champ (NOM) – but it takes place in one of the most beautiful and historic rooms in the city.

I mean, LOOK at this thing – and this is before it's even been decked out for the big event.


Tickets are still available. Check it out here.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan