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26th Aug 2017

These Delish Vegan Restaurants Are Now On Deliveroo And We’re Drooling Over ‘Em


Despite veganism’s massive growth in popularity over the last few years, ordering vegan-friendly food can be an uphill battle in Ireland.

Somehow cheese, meat or eggs manage to sneak their way into almost every takeaway dish, making it hard for vegans to treat themselves on a Friday with everyone else. 

Well, no more. Deliveroo has swooped in to save the day, and is now delivering from a whole load of vegan and vegetarian restaurants. 

Don’t be fooled by the healthy appearance of the dishes though, these are going to trump any greasy Chinese or salty chipper. 

Umi Falafel 

Umi is like Disneyland for vegans. Featuring a menu choc-o-block with hummus, veggies, tahini and freshly made falafel, people eschewing animal products are spoiled for choice. 

Try an exotic bowl of baba ghanoush, their spinach filo rolls or a delish Moroccan quinoa salad. And if you’re looking for something heartier that’ll have you full for the rest of the day, their sandwiches are a must. 

Made with your choice of Lebanese or Palestinian bread, their sandwiches are freshly made in-store and packed to the brim. The Palestinian Falafel is a personal fave. 

Check them out here. 


The dictionary defines “cornucopia” as an “abundant, overflowing supply” and this place is really living up to its name in terms of vegan options. 

Try one of their famous salads, a signature wrap or some vegan paté. Or better yet, indulge in one of the sweet treats you’d usually have to forgo. 

Cornucopia is a vegan dessert lover’s haven, offering silken torte, mixed berry and coconut oat bar or a quinoa and date square. Most of the desserts are gluten free too, so double the win. 

Based on Wicklow street, this is particularly handy for people living near the city centre. 

Have a gawk at what they’ve got here.

Zizzi Dundrum 

Southside vegans rejoice, Zizzi is on Deliveroo! This fab Italian has a whole host of vegan options, including its renowned *deep breath* VEGAN PIZZA. 

Using vegan mozzarella made from rice milk, these guys have Italian loving vegans’ backs. Try the Primavera pizza, scoop up some tortellini or indulge in a chocolate melt, described as a “hot gooey chocolate pudding.”


Unfortunately, the Zizzi on Suffolk Street doesn’t appear to deliver, so if you’re nowhere near Dundrum, this mightn’t be the option for you. 

Check them out here.

Happy Food

If brunch just isn’t the same without some scrambled eggs for your toast, give Happy Food’s chickpea scramble a lash. Made with chickpea flour to mimic scrambled eggs, this is the perfect animal-free compromise. 

They also serve a killer range of vegan burgers. Choose between a black bean and sweet potato mix or a “sloppy joe”. Designed to mirror the classic American burger, the sloppy joe contains coconut cheese and tofu bacon, with a black bean bun. 

If anything, give it a go to find out what tofu bacon tastes like. 

And avo lovers fear not, Happy Food has a whole host of dishes for you- from avocado and tomato on rustic sourdough bread, to avo-stuffed chickpea burritos. 

Sure who wants a mortgage when they can order food like this? 

This place isn’t on Deliveroo, but provides its own delivery service. Full mouthwatering menu here.


Where would we be without our trusty local boojum? Tell them to hold the meat, fill up on rice and beans and slather in guac. 


So, vegans of Dublin, rest easy. Your weekend takeaway is sorted and you won’t even need to leave the house.

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