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08th Mar 2018

Vegans and Carnivores Alike Will Rejoice Over This Unreal New Pizza Spot


Nestled between two walls in a shadow-filled alley in front of the iconic Frank Ryan’s Pub in Smithfield, you’ll spot a little blue stall where gusts of wind waft the most incredible cheesy, saucy, firey smell into the atmosphere. 

Now, heading down a dark alley to get pizza from a tent in front of a pub might not SOUND appealing, but we can guarantee you a visit to Coke Lane Pizza will be the best thing you do this weekend. 

Coke Lane is small, but mighty. 

There’s seven pizzas on the menu, all made from scratch right in front of you. 

We may not be in heaven, but we would believe Jesus himself sent down Coke Lane’s wood-fired masterpieces to us because they are delicious. 

The best part? Four of the seven pizzas are vegan and vegetarian friendly!

The Drexel is the star of the vegan pizzas with that melty cashew ricotta and zingy red pepper, but the Dr Gonzo has definitely caught our eye – butternut squash, goat’s cheese AND Irish honey? Take my money. 

Coke Lane 2

This doggo represents what all people waiting in line for Coke Lane look like

But no worries Dublin meat-lovers, they also have three delectable pizza offerings that include spicy salami, bacon, and chorizo. 

Coke Lane is open Thursday through Saturday 6pm to 9pm, a perfect way to treat yourself at the end of a long work week. 

Time to get yourself over to Smithfield!