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This Amazing App Will Let You SKIP QUEUES In Dublin

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Sick of waiting? Sick of queues? Sick of being stuck behind unbelievably slow walkers on Grafton Street?

Who isn’t, bud. 

You need Bamboo

But wait, what is Bamboo?

No no, not the tasty treat pandas spend their days snacking on. Bamboo is, as it says itself ”Speed and simplicity in great cafes and restaurants. Don’t spend your lunch waiting.”

Basically, what you can do with Bamboo is:

  • Find new cafes and restaurants around you, or order from your favourite. Either way you’ll be saving time and money.
  • Not worry about stamping cards again, Bamboo automatically redeems your loyalty points for each place. They send your order based on your location.
  • And because you’ve ordered in your own time, there’s no need to wait in queues. You’ll be notified when your order’s ready, so when you arrive you can just skip the queue.

Which means more time eating, more time sitting, and less time stressing about where will be packed at lunchtime.

Happy days!

For more information or to sign up to Bamboo, check right here

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