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This Is How Much Money You Could Potentially Save If You Stopped Drinking For A Year

By katedemolder

January 17, 2017 at 6:55pm


Are you one of the many of us on Dry January at the minute?

While it may be necessary following the overuse of our livers, wallets and collective sanity at Christmas, it may also give you a new lease of life - allowing us all to think:

What if I was to give up boozing for a year?

The lovely lads at calculated up exactly how much we'd save if we didn't go on the sauce for a year - tallying up what one night 'out out' a week would save you altogether.

1. The Night Out

Alcohol - €60

If you're lucky.

Food at the end of the night - €10

Because who can say no to chips at 3am? 

Taxi home - €10

Let's be real, you're not walking. 

Total = €80

2. The Next Day

Hangover drink of choice - €1.50

Lucozade, Diet Coke - whatever your poison is. 

Breakfast Roll - €4


Panadol - €2

The real MVP. 

Pizza / Chinese - €12

Mmm. MSG. 

Total: €19.50

And finally, Everything In Between

Lost Property - €120

Coats, bag, shoes, lighters. You know the drill. 

Going out clothes - €200

Any excuse. 

Condoms - €7.99


Cigarettes for the social smoker (x4) - €44

No judgement. 

A taxi to avoid the walk of fair play to you (x4) - €40

Stride of pride, man. Stride of pride. 

Netflix subscription - €120 (€10 x 12 months)

Because who needs the ride when you've got movies?

Total: €531.99

And now, The Science Bit

€80 (The Night Out) + €19.50 (The Next Day) = €99.50 per week

€99.50 x 52 weeks = €5,174 per year

€5,174 + €531.99 (Once Off Fees) = €5,705.99

Yep, that's right - stop drinking in 2017 and you'll save €5705.99 for the year. 

Bloody hell.

You'd need a drink after reading that...

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