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This Is How Often Our Partners Lie To Us Each Week

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A new survey done by Four Star Pizza has revealed some juicy details about how many times our partners lie to us each week.

The results reveal some very interesting stats…

*drumroll please*

It has been revealed that 37% of us have lied to our partners within the last week

Are you one of the guilty ones?!

To mark International Honesty Day which falls this Sunday, Four Star Pizza has revealed the results of a new national survey looking at Irish peoples’ relationship with the truth – which appears to be a very casual relationship indeed.

 Not only did 37% of us tell white lies to our partners within the last week, but a massive 45% of us believe it’s totally acceptable to bend the truth when it suits us – with 32% lying to get out of trouble and 28% doing it to protect the feelings of others. 

The honesty survey also revealed that:

  •  45% of us believe telling white lies is totally acceptable behaviour
  • 59% of us have lied in the workplace
  •  and 41% of us tell tall tales to explain our tardiness

Are you surprised by these results? Or do you think you’re above the lying average? ????

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