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05th Jan 2017

This Is The Food Trend That’s Currently Blowing Up In Ireland


Takeaway giants Just Eat have just released an interesting survey based around Ireland’s take away favourites. 

Just Eat, recently revealed the nations’ food ordering habits for 2016. 

While variety was definitely the spice of life in 2016, data showed a huge rise in orders for new cuisines such as Malaysian, Nepalese and Vietnamese cuisine. 

In fact, Malaysian cuisine shot up by a staggering 3,000%, Korean cuisine rose by a massive 900%, Nepalese food soared a huge 300%, while requests for Vietnamese food grew in popularity by 67%. 

Asian food certainly seems to be flavour of the month. 

As one of the biggest food trends on the horizon for 2017, Vietnamese food is also considered a healthy option worldwide, with an abundance of fresh herbs and spices that really add flavour. 

But those figures have really got us craving some Malaysian cuisine!

Anyone wanna go halves on a Nasi Dagang?

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